Mayor Colleen Mahr, Captain Patricia Buckridee Madison Lawton, Barbara Malaspina and Nam-June Joe at the Fanwood Rescue presentation at the Mayor and Council meeting!

On Monday, July 15, 2019, Captain Patricia Buckridee presented Active status to three of our Probationary EMT members Madison Lawton, Barbara Malaspina and Marcus Valdez III at the Fanwood Mayor and Council meeting!

Captain Patricia Buckridee along with Mayor Colleen Mahr promoting Madison Lawton and Barbara Malaspina to Active Status! (Marcus Valdez III not pictured)

Along with promoting our current EMTs, we also took the time to recognize our newest EMT Nam June Joe, who is also our treasurer and recently completed his EMT certification!!

Treasurer Nam-June Joe being recognized as Fanwood Rescue’s newest EMT!

Congratulations to Madison, Barbara, Marcus and Nam-June!!