Santa Parade

Santa with Mayor Mahr and family

There was no rain and just a slight chill in the air for the annual trek through Fanwood by Santa Claus and volunteers from the Fanwood Fire Department, Rescue Squad and PBA Local 123. More than 300 homes received a visit and presents for the kids.

Alive and Well, With a Little Help from His Friends

Andy Glaydura, center in gray jacket, who went into cardiac arrest at 41 Watson Road on October 20th, stopped by the rig during the tree lighting on Dec. 4th, 2011. Andy was resuscitated through shocking and CPR, followed by interventions by paramedics during transport to Overlook Hospital. Standing with Andy is his wife Pat, his daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. Andy has an implanted defibrillator and is on a strict diet and a new lifestyle.

Fanwood Tree Lighting

Thanks to Sgt. Karolyn Buckridee for being in charge and to the members who took part in both the standby and duty crews.

Halloween Parade

Photo by Sherman Feller

We had a great turnout for the annual Halloween Parade on October 31st, 2011, from the Fanwood Memorial Library to LaGrande Park. Both rigs took part, 579 at the head of the parade and 578, the duty rig, at the rear. The parade was uneventful. Once at LaGrande Park, the duty rig and EMTs Jeff Carr, Jeff Downing and Melissa Padulsky took a call for Scotch Plains. Thanks also to Elizabeth Buckridee, Patty Buckridee, Nancy D’Ambrosio, Tom Kranz, Robert Levine, Joan Lozowski, Jamie Pedinoff and John Oatis for volunteering.

Another Month, Another Weather Disaster

A Nor’easter pounded the northeastern United States on Saturday, October 29th, 2011, with heavy rain, wet snow and high wind gusts. Union County was one of the hardest hit in New Jersey with thousands of people left without power due to downed wires and tree limbs. Hundreds of Fanwood residents suffered power outages, some of which lasted for days. The Rescue Squad had crews standing by at headquarters during the height of the storm. The only storm-related call was for a woman with a medical condition stranded in her stalled vehicle on Marion Avenue with no place to go. She did not require transport to a hospital. The squad sheltered her at headquarters and two members transported her to a relative’s house in a squad member’s personal vehicle.

Fanwood 5K/Fun Run

The Rescue Squad provided both rigs to support the 2nd annual Fanwood 5K and Family Fun Run on Sunday, October 23, 2011. One patient was treated for hyperventilation as she crossed the finish line. She was not transported to the hospital. Thanks to Jeff Carr, Bob Hoyer, Tom Kranz, Robert Levine, John Oatis and Steve Siegal for volunteering their time.

Squad Supports Fanny Wood Day

Thanks to all our members who came out to support us during Fanny Wood Day on October 2, 2011. The annual Fanwood street fair is the town’s biggest event of the year and it’s important for us to be there. There was one medical call during the event. Our location changed to Martine Avenue near LaGrande Avenue (across from PNC Bank).