Installation/Awards Dinner 2019!

On January 19 we had our annual rescue squad and fire department dinner at Ferraro’s Restaurant in Westfield, NJ.

The following members were award recipients for their service!!

5 Year Service Pin

  • Michael Hopkins

10 Year Service Award

  • Ian Lewis

15 Year Service Silver Bowl

  • Edward Winsor (from 2013)

20 Year Service Award

  • Thomas Kranz
  • Edward Winsor
  • Eric Breidenstein (from 2016)

30 Year Service Award

  • Jeffrey Downing

45 Year Service Award

  • Nancy D’Ambrosio

New EMT Pins

  • Madison Lawton
  • Rafael Eulalio
  • Lily Hsiao

CPR Saves Pin

  • Lisa Walker, 1
  • Nick Tripodi, 2
  • Edward Winsor, 3
  • Nancy Mustachio – Extra kudos to Nancy for using the skills we all have outside of the squad and doing CPR on someone in the subway!!

Number of Calls Plaque

  • Dave Zawodniak, 1000

Celebrating an amazing past year and for the future year full of positivity and a successful year!