Funeral and Last Call of Rescue Squad Life Member Harry S. Mee

13 Nov, 2018 | shreyakachroo |

Funeral and Last Call of Rescue Squad Life Member Harry S. Mee

Life Member Harry Mee’s Last Call

Today was the funeral of one of our life members Harry S. Mee. To those who did or did not know him, he was a great inspiration, not only to his family but to his friends and extended family at the Fanwood Rescue Squad. He was a courageous and dedicated member of the Rescue Squad, a loving husband and a father who carried out a duty to protect all of those he loved. A righteous man who always committed his time to help his community and responding to as many calls as he could- he is a continuous reminder to all of us to help people and strive for your passions. To be a helping hand wherever someone may need it. While some of us never had the chance to meet him- we are all eternally grateful for the sacrifices that he and his family has made serving his country in the Air Force, Fanwood Fire Department and Fanwood Rescue Squad.

We would also really like to thank the Mee Family for allowing us to be a part of the proceedings today and opening their hearts to us. It is with great honor that we were able to complete our beloved past captains final last call with us in the very ambulance that he himself had in design. Below is the dispatch ticket for his funeral and his last call today.

A special thank you to those who made it possible for us to be apart of the events today. Thank you to Ed Winsor, Jim Drewes, Walter Scott, and Katherina Abreu for setting up the ambulance for Harry. Thank you D&C landscaping for loaning us supplies to make this possible.

Thank you Harry S. Mee and to his family for sharing your keepsake memories, beautiful photographs and a memorable last call.