Jamie Pedinoff, Overlook EMT of the Year

24 May, 2018 | |

Jamie Pedinoff, Overlook EMT of the Year

Congratulations to longtime member Jamie Pedinoff for being named our EMT of the Year at the annual Overlook Medical Center EMS Awards Dinner held at the Summit Hotel on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. Below are the remarks delivered by squad Captain Patty Buckridee.

The officers and member of the Fanwood Rescue Squad take great delight in recognizing Jamie Pedinoff for the 2018 Overlook Award of Excellence. Jamie Dewart Pedinoff graduated from Muhlenberg Hospital School of Nursing in 1974 and moved to Fanwood in 1977 where she began to raise her family. In 1985, a stay-at-home-mom at the time, she joined the Fanwood Rescue Squad to be of service to the community. During her more than 32 years on the Rescue Squad, she has served as Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Sergeant and Training Officer.  She currently holds the position of Recording Secretary.

Jamie has been the quiet backbone of the Fanwood Rescue Squad for many years. Owing to her tenure on the squad, Jamie is chock full of wisdom and memories which she is happy to share any time anyone has questions or is curious about times past. Jamie is one of the kindest and most tranquil members of the squad and she is the epitome of grace and commitment. Jamie does not draw attention to herself but dutifully executes the responsibilities of whichever office or position she is holding and does so with the utmost excellence and professionalism.

Speaking for myself, I have learned a great deal from Jame and I consider it a great privilege to be serving alongside her for many years. It is long overdue that she be recognized for her dedication to serving her family, our family, the Fanwood Rescue Squad and our community. Please join me in congratulating her on this honor for which she does us very proud.

Patty Buckridee
Fanwood Rescue Squad
May 23, 2018