Remembering Officer Matt Tarentino

The Fanwood Rescue Squad expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family of Matthew Tarentino, the Summit, NJ, police officer killed in a car accident while on his way to work the morning of May 30th. The squad supports our brothers and sisters of the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad and the officers of the Summit Police…

Fanwood Honors Bob Kruthers on 60 Years of Service

Fanwood Council honored Bob Kruthers for his 60 years of service to the Fanwood Rescue Squad during the May 22nd regular council meeting coinciding with EMS Week. Bob was a recipient of the Borough’s Volunteer of the Month award in 2009 and earned a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Statewide EMS Conference in 2014. Bob’s…

Overlook EMS Awards

The Fanwood Rescue Squad is proud to name EMT Karolyn Buckridee the recipient of this year’s EMS excellence award at the Overlook Medical Center Dinner on May 24th at Berkeley Plaza, Berkeley Heights, NJ. Karolyn maintains a high standard of care that benefits not only our patients but all of us who serve with her….

Squad supports Rockin’ 4 Autism Fair

The Rescue Squad supported the Rockin’ 4 Autism event Saturday, April 29th. Thanks to Capt. Nancy Mustachio, President Jeff Downing, EMTs Tom Kranz and Ian Lewis for coming out. It was a great PR opportunity, lots of kids and the parents stopped by.

2017 Officers Sworn In

Mayor Colleen Mahr swears in most of our officers for the new year. Left to right, Capt. Nancy Mustachio (behind the Mayor), 1st Lt. Rob Villegas, Vice President Patty Buckridee, Treasurer Bob Kruthers, Recording Secretary Jamie Pedinoff and President Jeff Downing.